Your Outdoor textile may still be under warranty ! To know if it is the case, contact the shop where you bought it or the brand.  If it is not the case, you can either :

 Come directly to our premises. All the information is here…


►  Send it by mail (repair performed in 10 days at the utmost after reception of the parcel in our premises). 

For reasons of hygiene, respect for our seamstresses and the success of the repair, your product must be washed before sending. This will notably remove unpleasant odors, perspiration and its salt, mud… We thank you wholeheartedly for your understanding. In doubt about washing your outdoor textile ? Ask us for advice or choose the washing option at Green Wolf.

Transmit (below) 2 photos of your product : a wide shot to localize the problem on the garment, another one focusing on the problem. We will send you a mail giving the cost of the repair and provide you with an order number.


    Photo n°1 (wide shot)

    Photo n°2 (focus on the place to be repaired)

    Accepted file : .jpg .jpeg .png .pdf Maximum size per photo : 4Mo