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Turnkey solution & dedicated representative

Reactivity within a maximum of 10 calendar days

Possibility of an Express repair (within 24 to

48 hours after reception of the parcel)

Quality of the work : Samstresses specialized in outdoor repairs

Involvement in Sustainable development and choice of Environment-friendly solutions notre solution

Repairs workshops during events, Demonstrations on the theme of textiles durability increase

Our Gore-Tex® certification insures complex state-of-the-art repairs of your Gore-Tex membranes thus guaranteeing the technical qualities of your clothing: repairs on watertight zips, membrane repairs, washing and new repellent treatment.

Our « Sympatex®» certification allows us to repair Sympatex membrane according to the rigorous technical guidelines of the German label. Your garments will then recover perfect functionality for an optimal protection while focusing on high performance and ecological responsibility.

They trust us

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OSV is an association whose aim is to federate outdoor sports industry firms. Its main purposes are economic development, employment, training, promotion of sports activities and of the territory, sustainable development ans innovation. In 2019, 450 firms are members of the association, meaning more than 450 brands and 7700 jobs.

How did OSV contribute to the creation of GREEN WOLF ?

In 2013, as an answer to a need for textiles repairs from OSV members, the association launched  a call for projects in order to develop a shared repairs center dedicated to the outdoor industry textiles.

Ever since the beginning, OSV has kept supporting the creation and the development of Green Wolf, namely creating and facilitating the work of a steering committee made up of willful brands such as Patagonia, Amer Sports (Salomon), Picture Organic Clothing, Blue Ice as well as experts like Jonathan and Fletcher, all of them being OSV members. This steering committee has allowed a better insight into the identification of the needs of brands and allowed Green Wolf to closely adapt to their expectations in the fields of quality, delay and service.

Today, the partnership is still strong so as to promote this effective, innovative and environment-friendly solution to OSV members.

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